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Give it a Rest

For years I have subscribed to some kind of physical training program, but the maneuver I have never perfected is giving myself (at least) a day of rest. In barn as well as gym life, it’s very common for Sundays to be unscheduled. Everyone, including trainers, needs a day off to do their lives, however […]

Before and After

“Now push her underneath your hands, and add the spur to ask her to jig.”   No, I was not at the mercy of a truly bizarre square-dance caller. I was in the saddle, learning what dressage practitioners call a half-step.   “You want to sit back, to see if you can make her quicker […]

A Pain Response

“I think she’s really sore.”   I read these words from the dressage coach I sent Fiona to in the San Diego area. I was lucky to work with her a year prior, and when Fiona had some troubles, she seemed the best resource to be able to help Fiona either improve, or find a […]

Tale Spin

For a minute there, I was living two fairy tales at once; now I feel like I’ve been turned into a frog, dropped far down into a well.   I have ridden horses since I turned six, which will be four decades in just a couple years. Owing to the rigors of ranching, divorce and […]

Why Horses?

I was asked recently what I love the most about horses, and, for the first time, I was mute on the subject. Horses have been part of my life since I was six years old, which was not yesterday. They are not just my favorite animal, they are my favorite place, my favorite smell, my […]